Cool Dogs

There’s nothing better than cool dogs. 

Dogs in general are cool: the way they love us humans unconditionally; the way they wag their tail when they’re happy and chase the ball like nothing else in the world matters. They really are the coolest. 

What’s even cooler is that dogs all have their own personalities.

Some small dogs have personalities triple the size of them – I don’t think they know that they could fit in a handbag. Some big dogs are so cuddly and needy that they spend all their time on the laps of their owners. You can see the owners getting squished underneath them, but their owners love them too much to ever care!

Evidentially, every dog in the world is cool. This site is dedicated to all of those dogs, including:

  • Beloved old dogs.
  • Dogs that have crossed the rainbow bridge.
  • Puppies.
  • Mother dogs.
  • Strays.
  • Foster dogs.
  • Dogs in kennels.
  • Dogs left behind when their owners go on holiday.
  • Dogs who go on holiday!
  • Dogs in general. 

Here at cooldogs, we just love cool dogs – and this website is dedicated to them. 

We’re taking submissions of all things dog related. Send us pictures of your dog and a little info about them and we’ll do the best write up ever to share your lil pup with the world. Alternatively, send us a story about a dog – the story can be real or fake. Pretty much if your submission has a dog in it, it will be shared. That’s how much we love dogs.

Excitingly, we will also feature two dogs’ profiles on our homepage every week! Check back here often to see if your dog is in the spotlight. 

This week’s dogs are very cool, if we do say so ourselves.


Age: 3 months.

Favourite activity: Barking at walkers and bike riders who go by the fence.

Favourite toy: Soccer ball. 

When Luna isn’t learning the ropes of being a puppy, she loves meeting new dogs and playing with her owners. She’s officially mastered the ‘boop’ trick and can find her soccer ball anywhere on the property when hearing the infamous words ‘soccer ball’. 

The team at cooldogs looks forward to learning about Luna’s progress over the coming months! Thanks for the submission.


Age: 4 years.

Favourite activity: Spending time with his big family and going for walks.

Favourite toy: Tug of war rope.

Nosy is the definition of a cool dog. His eyepatch markings signify his cheeky side, especially when his alter ego comes out and he can’t help himself but destroy a couple couches. Nosy loves spending time with the kids in his family, and acts as an older brother to them. Nosy is an all-round good boy.

Thanks for sending Nosy through to us! Our lives are better now that we know Nosy walks the Earth.