Call to Conveyancing

On the morning of October 6th, Cosmo awoke to the startling feeling that something amazing was about to happen in his life. This was startling only because he had recently experienced a string of unfortunate events, which included losing his job as a sign spinner, getting kicked out of his tribe’s cave and spending all his hard-earned cash at the horse races. These events were all, of course, a result of Cosmo’s own poor actions, so he really had nobody to blame but himself. Even so, he was determined to blame anybody but himself.

Although Cosmo thought something amazing would happen, he had no idea that he was about to witness a miracle so great that it would figuratively blow his socks off. The resume he’d found on the street handed into a conveyancing firm close to Carlton on behalf of a random stranger? He never expected anything to come of it. Cosmo was just a lowly kobold with no experience dealing with the law but wanted to do the right thing on behalf of the man. 

Just as he was about to shake off this feeling that something wonderful might happen, Cosmo’s phone rang in his pocket. He carefully picked himself up from the tree branch he’d slept on that night and grabbed his mobile device. It only had 5% charge left, and that was iffy at best, so Cosmo seriously hoped this wouldn’t be one of those scam callers asking if he wanted to buy jet engine fuel for a bargain price.

“Hello, Mr Dun. Let’s make this quick and easy, shall we?” said the man on the phone. “You handed in a resume to the best firm for conveyancing and settlement on behalf of a random stranger. We found that really heartwarming.”

“Well,” started Comso, “it’s an honour to even be recognised for my contribution!”

And that was when Cosmo realised his phone had already died. Did the man on the other end think he’d hung up?