Rat Design Melbourne

Throughout the entirety of the sewer subway ride, Reginald attempted to cast aside Remy’s presence, yet the relentless rat persisted, occupying the adjacent seat and ceaselessly vying for Reginald’s attention.


“I have no genuine inclination for a novel kitchen renovation,” Reginald articulated. “A short while back, I underwent a renovation and assumed a hands-on role in directing the renovators. The project was executed precisely to my stipulations, yielding a result I am genuinely content with.”


“I am confident that my touch would elevate your satisfaction even further,” Remy interjected.


Politely but firmly, Reginald declined, stating, “Thank you, but I decline your offer.” As the sewer subway arrived at his designated stop, Reginald swiftly stood, his glance involuntarily tracing a path to ensure that Remy was not in pursuit. Though Remy remained seated upon the wooden chair, his gaze unwaveringly locked onto Reginald as the subway car departed.


Reginald couldn’t fathom Remy’s presumptuousness. When the desire for a kitchen overhaul had beckoned, Reginald had enlisted the services of the finest kitchen design company Melbourne and its sewers harboured—far removed from a chance encounter with an uninvited rat within the confines of the sewer subway. Reginald’s contentment with his kitchen’s design was undeniable; its layout harmonised impeccably with his culinary needs, an ideal backdrop for his assortment of appliances. With his fervour for cooking, Reginald found himself frequently engrossed in his kitchen domain, often crafting his favoured delicacy: cheese and seeds biscuits. He took pleasure in the marble benchtop, meticulously sourced from the sewers of New Zealand, its unique properties facilitating the perfect canvas for biscuit dough. Reginald harboured reservations, doubting that even an extensive kitchen replacement by Remy would parallel the meticulous craftsmanship of professional kitchen designers, particularly concerning the intricate use of the imported marble.


As contemplation ensued, Reginald’s thoughts coalesced, akin to his cherished cheese and seeds biscuits. A plan formed: post-work, he would journey home and engage in a baking endeavour—a batch of the delectable biscuits, to be shared with his rat wife upon her return from her surface-world employment. Knowing the toll of sunlight exposure, Reginald deemed these biscuits a fitting indulgence for her. The thought of the treats warmed his heart, knowing that the shared delight would be a small yet cherished moment between them.