Buying A New Office

I’m looking at buying a new office space. My business has expanded so quickly in the last two years since we’ve all been working from home, that I can no longer fit all my employees into our current office. I made every new employee sign a letter of agreement, stating that they would work in the office when it was safe to do so. I know there’s a trend these days to want to work from home for good, but I refused to hire anyone who wouldn’t come to the office after all this madness was over. People are desperate for jobs at the moment and so they all eagerly signed my letter of agreement.

That is why I’m on the hunt for a new office. I want to find a space with an attractive office design in the Melbourne CBD. Our office is currently in the northern suburbs of Melbourne, but I want to move to the heart of the CBD so that my employees can’t complain that their commute is too long. The city is pretty much central to everyone which means it’ll be easy for my employees to get to work. I know I probably sound like a harsh boss because I’m forcing my employees to work in an office, but it’s just the way it is. I can’t have people working that don’t want to be around me or around each other. It’s just not a good work environment. 

I am determined to create a place where people want to work. Even if they technically don’t want to work there, I want them to come in every day and admire the office space design. Melbourne offices are usually a calibre above the rest, but the office space I want to buy will be even better than the rest. 

I will update you all on how my search for a quality office space in Melbourne goes. I know a lot of people will be wondering.