Our new place

The last few years have been daunting, exciting and intimidating. Just four weeks ago my husband and I finally got the keys to our new home. This time when I say new home, I genuinely mean our new home. It’s not a place that we’re renting, it’s a place that we plan to make our forever home. Sure, the mortgage repayments are a little bit stressful but my husband has recently received a promotion and I’m cooking at home each day so we’re managing to put a fair share of money aside. Personally, I’m loving being a stay at home mum at the moment. My husband has offered to cut down to part-time so I can keep my job and not be cooped up at home, but right now I have no complaints. Plus, me being home means that I get to oversee some of the renovations that we’re doing. 

The house we’ve bought is lovely, but it does need some work. The first thing that needs to be done is a few ducted heating repairs. Canberra has very cold nights, and while I’m someone who would usually grin and bear it, I’m conscious that we now have a little baby and I don’t want the poor thing to be shivering on these frosty nights. I assume the air conditioning system is fine, but I am yet to test it out just yet. A part of me is thinking that we have enough things to sort for now and that the air conditioner can be a problem for us in a few months time.

My mother recommended the best heating services for the Canberra area and they have been so efficient at arranging an appointment. I wish all companies were this efficient. We had a few issues with some lights and the electrician we called clearly seemed to be in no hurry to help us out. While I am excited to be in our home, I do feel that I won’t be able to entirely enjoy it until all these little maintenance issues are sorted.