My Learner’s Permit

I got my learner’s permit this morning. Our school took us to this track in the country that is purpose-built for teaching learners how to drive, especially if they have never sat in the driver’s chair of a car before. It was a little bit scary, if I’m being honest. Our class got a stern talking to about not goofing off, and listening properly to the instructors when they told us what to do.

I was surprised to find that I actually really enjoyed the little spiel they gave us about the importance of regular car servicing and repairs. Morayfield school students had to learn all about the different parts and components and buttons of the car before we even got in it, and it was like suddenly everything made sense. After years of sitting in the passenger seat, finally, I understood how to work a car! It wasn’t actually that difficult to drive, either. Turning was simple, and so was indicating, but I found the hardest thing to be knowing how much pressure to apply to the brakes. I kept starting and stopping accidentally, so much that the instructor actually laughed at me and told me to calm down! Apparently, he had been a mechanic in the Morayfield area for years, and he had seen people wear down their brake pads simply by doing exactly what I was doing right now. It was a lighthearted warning, but I’m definitely going to be listening. I don’t want to have to spend thousands of dollars per year on car repairs simply because I’m driving in a weird way.

Anyway, after we practised in the car for a couple of hours, we had to go inside to take photos for our learner’s permit cards. They’re going to be sent to us in the mail in a couple of weeks, apparently. I’m really excited to get mine since my wallet is currently empty and I’ve always wanted a card to put inside.