Need A Buyer’s Agent

It’s currently September. Why is that relevant? Because in just four months, I’ll be moving out of home for the very first time. My friends and I have all agreed that early next year is most ideal for us. We’re all looking to save a bit more money before we move so that we can live comfortably together. I assume our definition of comfortable is very different to the Boomers’ definition seeing as by comfortable we mean we can afford food and can pay our bills. 

If we told a buyer’s advocate in the Melbourne CBD how we plan to live they’d probably cry. I actually wanted to chat with a buyer’s advocate about finding us a rental property to live in, but my friends said that it would be embarrassing because we don’t have a very big budget. There are four of us, and we’re happy to pay about $200 each per week on rent. That’s a significant amount of money for us. It’s at a VERY minimum 30% of our weekly income, but we know it’s not very much in the scheme of things. I told my friends that the buyer’s advocate wouldn’t judge us and instead, would help us find the best deal for what we can afford, but they weren’t convinced. 

I understand it. We’re all very new to the housing market and it can be pretty overwhelming to know where to start. That’s why I thought it would be a great idea to talk to a buyer’s advocate local to Malvern. They know the area a lot better than we do and seriously could really help us out. But I guess my friends feel like it would be a bit full on.

I respect their opinions… although, I am going to try and sway them over time. I’ll update you all next month on how our house search is going and whether I succeeded in convincing my friends to get a buyer’s advocate.