Quirky Wallpaper Designs

I’m looking for the phone number of a person who designs wallpapers. I have really quirky taste and I don’t want wallpaper that is plain or boring. Any wallpaper that is all the one colour or even worse, just a shade of white, black or grey makes me want to vomit. I would hate to have such little imagination or drive to be bold. It would be truly embarrassing.

That’s why I need to find a bespoke wallpaper maker. I’m thinking maybe something like flower style wallpaper could be good in my living room, with an even bolder design in my bedroom. I want people to come to my house and be amazed by its incredible style. I want people to talk about my interior design choices for the years to come. No part of me wants to blend in with those boring, run of the mill design and colour choices that everyone seems to make. What a bore those people are.

Anyway, if anyone knows a wallpaper designer who would be able to satisfy my tastes, please let me know. I want my house to look good and I want to feel good in it. I’ve given it some more thought and I think I might also add some wallpaper in my bathroom – I think butterfly wallpaper. Melbourne homes really are lacking character and quirkiness. Every room that I add wallpaper in helps to change the course of Melbourne interior design.

I might get a photographer to come to my home and take some snaps of my interiors. I’ll see if they can be submitted to a magazine and hopefully inspire people out there who aren’t feeling like they can be creative to GET CREATIVE.

Anyway, if you have the number of a quirky wallpaper designer then please let me know. I’m eagerly awaiting your suggestions. I can’t wait to show off my new and improved home soon.