TV On The Wall

We’ve just moved into our house! We ended up getting our internet sorted last week which was awesome because I have work on Monday. Now we’ve just got a couple more things to get sorted and our house will be as comfortable as we imagined it would be. We’re seriously so happy. We’re going to have housewarming drinks at ours tonight and it’s going to be really fun. 

Tomorrow we need someone to be well enough to oversee the TV wall mount installation that is going to be happening. We’ve got a technician coming to put our TV on the wall because that’s the style we like best, but we want someone to be awake to show him exactly where we want it in proportion to our wall unit. These things are important, you know!

Living out of home is going to be so fun. I’ve just finished setting up my bedroom and unpacking all my belongings. My room looks so cute and so does the rest of the house. We’ve done a really good job of making our house look nice. Our style is minimalistic but also homey. Our colour scheme is based on the sunset and we have so many plants sprinkled around the place that it looks cute as. I love our new house, if you can’t already tell. 

I wonder if the data cabling technician operating near Melbourne will arrive early tomorrow. I have a feeling he will, which would usually be a good thing. However, I have a feeling that we’re going to be on the more tired-side tomorrow which could cause issues. Someone is going to have to set an alarm to ensure they’re awake in time to let the technician in. It would be so rude of us to not let him in the moment he arrives. I’m going to recommend that Ashleigh does it. She’s used to waking up early so I’m sure it’ll be fine.