Alice’s Mechanic Job

Dear Alice,

I got a very lovely surprise this morning when I opened my mailbox and saw your letter. Most of the mail we receive nowadays comes from gas and electrical companies (which isn’t very interesting), so your kind words brought a smile to my face.

You are correct – I did work on cars in my youth. Back then, we wore the traditional blue jumpsuits and carried around a hard box filled with tools. I remember walking through the streets in my uniform, feeling so proud of my job and the admiring stares I received from all sorts of people. I was actually an aspiring Fairfield mechanic, which meant I wanted to service that area and the surrounding suburbs. Because I was so well-known, people would come from all over Melbourne to have their cars repaired by me, even though I wasn’t actually qualified. Did I do the job better than anybody else? I don’t think so. Mechanics are very skilled and can repair most car issues. I think it was my superior level of customer service that truly inspired loyalty in my customers, and encouraged them to return again and again.

As for you and your new job, I think you’ll be wonderful. I’m sure that being a mechanic is a great career choice. Every day is different, and you have the opportunity to meet many amazing people. My advice to you is to ensure you become a mechanic offering tyre repair services in Northcote. These skills are highly sought after and will allow you to work in many places across Australia if you so desire. If you become an expert, you can even get a job on the road and travel around to assist people with tyre problems. It would be a lot of fun. Just something to think about.

Looking forward to seeing you next month. I will tell Betty to make your favourite strawberry pastries in preparation for your visit.

Love from,