Expert Tinting Advice

As an architect at a leading Australian firm, I receive many different kinds of requests for planning and advice. Today, I spent most of the day working on an office that is currently being built in the heart of the city. In their brief, the company explained they wanted their offices to be comfortable and functional, but as they deal with sensitive data, they also wanted to ensure it would be safe and secure. As soon as I heard this, I jumped on the phone and called the best commercial window tinting company in the Melbourne CBD, and the company offered a solution to all of my current problems. My primary contact would be a man named Alastair. Luckily, Alastair was immediately available. He travelled into the CBD and met me at the building site to explain the installation process. Alastair started by reminding me of the importance of proper glass installation. He then showed me examples of how different glass can drastically change a building’s appearance. I knew my client wanted their offices to look sleek and modern. I also told Alastair the building should remain private to people walking in the street.

Upon hearing this, Alastair suggested I look into using frosted glass, or perhaps commercial decorative glass. Melbourne businesses were especially interested in the latter because it could be tailored to reflect the uniqueness of each workplace. I agreed – what an interesting concept! I imagine creating the design that would be imprinted onto the glass would also be a fun task. After we stopped for lunch, I led Alastair through the building site and listened intently as he explained how tinted glass can reduce heat and lower cooling costs. This would be crucial for a place like Melbourne. We spent the rest of the day moving through the building site; the meeting rooms, reception areas and hallways would all need glass. Luckily Alastair’s services are inexpensive!