Missed Car Service

I’ve had such a nightmare with my latest eyelash lift. When I say latest, I mean my first and only. It’s been two months since I got it, and I’ve been regretting it ever since. I even cancelled an appointment I had to be able to attend. I was supposed to get a wheel alignment …

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Northside hipster

It’s been two months since I made the move. I had been hesitant about it for a long time but I knew it was coming. My boyfriend had practically been begging me to move northside with him for the last two years. We’ve always grown up in the southeastern suburbs. That’s actually how we met. …

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Bad braking habits

I hate admitting I am wrong about things or that I suck at something, but I think I need to come clean on this one. I suck at braking. When driving I’m always incredibly nervous that I’m going to accidentally crash into a car in front of me, go over the speed limit, or lose …

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