Beach Repair Experts

Remy had been saving money for more than a month. After his beloved bathroom sprang a leak and was completely destroyed, he’d been working overtime to gather enough money to fix it. After all, before it broke, he had once been the only rat in the sewers of Melbourne with working, fully-automated plumbing in their house. That sort of thing didn’t come cheap, and he wasn’t about to conduct a shoddy repair just to get it fixed quickly. 

Remy had decided to do a grand renovation – one that would rival the king’s bathroom. Before he could get to all the fun stuff, like light fixtures and decorative paintings, he had to get back to basics. Remy scurried through the sewers for hours, travelling all the way to the beach suburbs to find a group of shower tile and grout repair specialists. Coming from the beach, these rats knew grout inside and out. From his previous renovations, Remy understood that grout could help waterproof his shower and all the tiles in his bathroom. Hopefully, it would be correctly installed this time so he would never have to go through this ordeal ever again. Whenever his human apartment next door springs a leak (and he is sure it will eventually – humans are baffling), Remy will be prepared. After all, the specialists he employed belonged to a well-renowned bathroom renovations company. Melbourne sewers aren’t known for their brilliant plumbing, so it was rare to find rats who actually knew what they were talking about.

Remy considered it a testament to his own tenacity that he was even able to locate these plumbing experts in the first place, since they offered little in the way of advertising. Perhaps once Remy fixed his bathroom and sold his cheese business for a profit, he could start looking into new ventures. He certainly wasn’t lacking in creativity, and he tended to succeed in everything he attempted. A plumbing franchise and an advertising agency for the sewers? One of those might be his newest multi-million rat dollar idea.