Hopefully Needs Surgery

I’m in a daze. Yesterday I found out that my best friend’s dad had a heart attack and he is in intensive care. It was completely unexpected and I am struggling with the whole thing. My friend is an absolute mess but is holding it together and is holding out hope. I’m only getting second-hand information about what is happening from her sporadically. Which makes sense. She is trying to cope whilst they find out whether or not her dad is going to make it.

If he does make it, he’s going to need a lot of rehabilitation. He has broken ribs, a broken jaw, a missing tooth and may need a shoulder replacement. He hit the pavement very hard and caused a lot of damage to his body. This entire thing is just devastating. I am so upset for him and I am so upset for my friend. I would do anything for him to be okay so that my friend could be okay. She doesn’t deserve to lose her dad so soon. She needs to keep him around. He needs to walk her down the aisle when she gets married. She needs him around for all that fatherly guidance that only he’ll be able to give her. She needs him. He can’t go too soon.

Whilst they’re in limbo waiting to see if he’ll wake up, they’re trying to get everything organised as if he will. They don’t want to think about the alternative and they want everything prepared so that he can start his rehabilitation straight away. She let me know that they’ve just got in contact with a shoulder injury specialist in the Melbourne CBD who will be able to help her dad when he wakes up. That’s a big relief, as you could imagine. Now it’s just a waiting game. I’m holding my breath waiting for the news. I hope with every fibre of my being that he is going to be okay.