The Bathtub Call

I put the phone down and sighed, resting my head in my hands. ‘Was that your mum again?’ Amy asked, walking into the room with the baby on her hip. ‘Yeah, yeah it was,’ I nodded, rubbing the back of my neck. ‘She just got home from the hospital, actually.’ ‘Oh my god,’ Amy’s eyes …

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A Bathtub Escape

Melissa slowly twirled the bathwater with her finger, watching the bubbles swirl around. She knew that the water was getting cold and she had to get out soon, but she wasn’t ready. She could still feel the day’s stress clinging to her skin like a needy child. ‘Muuuuum!’ came a cry from downstairs. Speak of …

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Beach Repair Experts

Remy had been saving money for more than a month. After his beloved bathroom sprang a leak and was completely destroyed, he’d been working overtime to gather enough money to fix it. After all, before it broke, he had once been the only rat in the sewers of Melbourne with working, fully-automated plumbing in their …

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