Christmas Hardware Store

The approach of Christmas is an exhilarating time, and December reigns as my cherished month of the year, brimming with festive merriment. Even in Australia, where a ‘white Christmas’ is not the norm, our nation’s distinct and delightful ways of celebration never fail to captivate. Amid our trove of time-honoured family traditions – grilling two …

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Timber Supplies Four

Spring has undeniably burst forth in all its glory! Each dawn heralds the mellifluous chorus of birds greeting the sun’s radiant embrace. My yard, bedecked with a kaleidoscope of blossoms in varied contours and sizes, scatters hues indiscriminately upon the velvety expanse of emerald grass. And enfolded within the very fabric of the atmosphere, an …

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New Kitchen Build

After nearly fourteen rounds in a gruelling application process, my partner and I were finally selected to be contestants on the newest season of a popular home renovation show: The Plock. We were overjoyed at the news, as the exposure would greatly assist our new interior design business.  In the first week of the show, …

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