New Kitchen Build

After nearly fourteen rounds in a gruelling application process, my partner and I were finally selected to be contestants on the newest season of a popular home renovation show: The Plock. We were overjoyed at the news, as the exposure would greatly assist our new interior design business. 

In the first week of the show, each contestant’s task was to renovate our home’s kitchen. Our kitchen was quite old – leaking pipes, broken cabinets, outdated furnishings. But I had a vision that week; a vision of a blue paradise with a shiny fridge and sleek benchtops. After sketching out a plan, my partner agreed that it was a winning idea. But first, we needed materials. 

That same day, we visited a Hampton hardware store to pick up some tools. The staff were friendly and experienced, and guided us through the process with enthusiasm. We spent so much money at that store! Luckily, most items were inexpensive and were able to use the budget given to us by The Plock to pay for everything else. We left carrying bags laden with power tools, electrical supplies and paint, and even a receipt confirming that a truck would deliver our heaviest materials later that day. 

Once the base layer of the kitchen was built, we had to ensure the water worked correctly. We called a plumbing supplies store near Cheltenham, who were excited to send someone out to help us with plumbing installation. My partner and I knew how important this step was, as without a quality build it was likely that the sink would cave in, or the taps would spring a leak. I was personally amazed at how efficient everything was. 

Next week – who knows? We could be set a task in our garden, a bedroom, a bathroom, or any other place in the home. At least now we know where to go for trusted service and a great range of supplies.