Conveyancing Questions

Today, we shall be continuing our series of interviews with people who have recently bought houses or are in the process of doing so. Last time, we found that the responses were very conveyancer-focused, which was a little odd as we didn’t mention conveyancers at all. But nonetheless, that’s what people felt compelled to talk about, so we won’t argue. Let’s just hope that the responses are a little more varied this time around. Shall we get to it, then? Indubitably, I believe we shall.

Clive: What advice do I have to give to those seeking to buy a house? Well, I’m not really sure. I suppose I could share the one thing my father told me when he gave me a million dollars to buy a house with. He said to me, “Clive, my boy, do make sure that you get a good conveyancer when you buy your property. It will make all the difference. Now that I think about it, you can’t really go wrong with a buyer’s agent, either. But as for conveyancers, you’ll want to go see some conveyancing lawyers close to Caulfield, because they’ll know the area better than anyone. Son, I implore you, do not buy a house without seeing some conveyancing lawyers first.” So yeah, I guess I’ll just pass that along.

Jimmy: A nugget of truth, you say? What is my nugget of truth for those seeking to buy their first home? Well, I suppose it would be that you should get into the market as soon as possible. Once you own your first home, it’s easy. Oh, and you should, of course, make sure to get someone who can help you with conveyancing. Bentleigh was where I found my great conveyancers.

Bob: I don’t really have any advice, to be perfectly honest. As a professional builder, I was able to construct my own house, with the help of my friends. I suppose if I had to give any advice, I would suggest that building a house is better than buying one, but that’s just my personal opinion.