Feeling Good

Before I started getting tattoos, I was really into skincare. I’m sure you’ve heard the concept of a gateway (word redacted), and I think skincare was the gateway for me to start getting into tattoos. I used to not bother with skincare, makeup or tattoos because my skin was good and I didn’t see the need for it. If I had nice bare skin then I didn’t see any reason to potentially ruin my skin’s pH balance or potentially make it ugly by putting unnecessary products on it. 

Then, after twenty-four years of having no interest in changing my skin, I met a girl at work. She is super fun and great to be around, and I was instantly drawn to her passion for skincare. I feel like when people are passionate about something, it just makes that topic so much more compelling for everyone else. So I let her tell me what skincare to buy and one thing led to another and now I’m visiting the tattooist in the Brisbane CBD for the third time in six months.

How does skincare lead to getting more tattoos on my body than I ever imagined? I’ve given a lot of thought to it and I think it’s because of how good skincare made me feel. I loved the look of my skin after I had done my skincare in the morning and I loved the feeling of going to bed with sparkling clean skin at night. I just felt more beautiful than I had ever felt before and I had more confidence than I was used to having. Because of that newfound confidence, I decided to contact a local realism tattoo artist to tell them that I was curious about getting a tattoo. She said my skin would be the perfect canvas because it was so bare and supple. I took that as a compliment and booked in for a tattoo the very next day.