The Tattoo Exhibition

I have always been fascinated by art. I’m not very talented myself, but watching other people create art is a real treat. I enjoy every kind of art, from basic types such as paintings, drawings and sculptures, all the way up to interpretive dances and trimming the trees in your front garden. There is so …

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My Friend’s Tattoo

In high school, my friends were basically poster girls for good students. They were polite, intelligent, and never stepped a toe out of line when it came to following school rules. I thought I had chosen well. I am a very responsible person, so I like having friends who are similarly responsible. However, it seems …

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Feeling Good

Before I started getting tattoos, I was really into skincare. I’m sure you’ve heard the concept of a gateway (word redacted), and I think skincare was the gateway for me to start getting into tattoos. I used to not bother with skincare, makeup or tattoos because my skin was good and I didn’t see the …

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