Final House Purchase

I cannot believe that the world is ending. Now of all times? Seriously, after I just bought my dream home? You’ve got to be kidding me. Literally on the day I move in, I see on the news that there’s an emergency alert because some giant meteor is heading toward the Earth and is sure to end our miserable existence once and for all. That’s just so disappointing. I spent so long working with a buyer’s agent near Armadale, hoping they would be able to find the perfect home for me. And they did. This place is literally the house of my dreams. But will I get to enjoy it for even a day? No, I will not, because that meteor hits in less than 12 hours. Just my luck!

I mean, come on. Really? Whoever is controlling the events of this universe has some explaining to do once I’ve been turned to cosmic space dust by destructive impact. It took me ages to find the right buyer’s advocacy. In the Melbourne CBD one day, I was so frustrated that I looked up to the clouds and shouted, “I’d rather a meteor hit the Earth and destroy us all than spend one more day searching for someone who can help me find my dream house!” Where was this meteor then? Probably a few hundred million kilometres away. Thanks a lot for that. Of course, then I found the perfect buyer’s agent and the process was super smooth from there. I would highly recommend them, if the world wasn’t about to end and all.

Anyway, I’d better wrap this up if I want to at least enjoy my new home for a few hours. Buying a house was a great experience. It’s a shame I won’t get to do it again. I suppose until this meteor hits, I’ll just watch some tv in my bare lounge room or something. This really sucks.