My anger issues

Well, I’ve got anger issues! It’s taken me years if not decades to come to terms with my bad temper and rotten attitude but after a few recent fallouts with people close to me, I’ve started to evaluate my temper. For a long time, I’ve been someone who reacts extremely negatively to any inconvenience and would always read into everything anyone would say. I would then get extremely fired up and be in a terrible mood for the rest of the day. Sometimes this mood would even last me a whole week. Once my bad moods ease, I’ll be good for a few hours until I get irritated all over again. I know it’s not something to be ashamed of, but I have been attending therapy sessions to help overcome my temper tantrums. For some reason I feel embarrassed telling people this, but in reality, I know that they’d probably be thankful I’m getting help so I can stop snapping at those around me. 

One key recommendation my therapist made was to find a hobby such as gardening. Gardening is a great way to get outside in the sun and help ease my moods. I found a website that allows me to buy vegetable seeds online and placed an order. I’ve never been that enthusiastic about gardening in general, but I find that growing vegetables has really helped me stay motivated and get interested in gardening in the first place as it means I can avoid going to the grocery store for vegetables. One less trip to the grocery store means one less opportunity to get irritated. As I become more accustomed to growing vegetables, I think I may then start looking into growing plants. 

I’m not entirely sure what flowers I’ll grow, perhaps a hybrid tea rose. I’ve never been that interested in flowers or plants but my wife has always loved roses so I guess if I am going to dedicate time to growing a flower, then it might as well be one that she likes. Anyway, time to get back outside and continue with my gardening.