Fixing My Heater

When my mother became a politician, my entire family moved to Canberra with her. This was only fair – after all, she had given up a decade of her life to raise us well – it was her time to shine, and our time to support her. She was a stoic woman, and Dad suggested the public would perceive her more favourably if she had a family behind her during her campaign. So we packed and left, and I was excited about the change. Despite being further north than I was used to, the city was cold in the winter. Our new house was old, and one day when both of my parents were at work, our heating broke. Unsurprisingly, I knew nothing about heating repairs. Canberra was also quite new to me, and I knew nothing about how to find someone to assist us.

I called a girl I had met yesterday in history class. I figured she would know what to do because in the short hour I had known her, she seemed smart. And my hunch was right. With barely a second’s hesitation, the girl explained that this sort of thing happened often in the winter, especially to homes with older systems. She suggested I try to find a local maintenance company as soon as possible, and to keep myself warm in the meantime.

I soon discovered there were many professionals who offered ducted heating repairs near Canberra. However, I was looking for the most efficient and inexpensive one. I eventually settled on a man named John, whose website showed him to be friendly and experienced. Perhaps even better was the fact that he was located near me, and could arrive at my home within the next hour. My house was quickly cooling down and so I got to work shifting some boxes around to provide John with easier access to the unit. A few minutes later, there was a knock at my door.