The Furry Felon

With all the talk of sewerage testing in the news recently, I started thinking about the plumbing in my own house. Perhaps the universe was listening to my thoughts! Last week, after my dog rolled around in the mud at the park, I brought her inside and gave her a warm, refreshing shower to make her feel comfortable. Everything seemed fine at first, but a few days later a small leak opened up in my bathroom pipe. Barely 24 hours later, this had erupted into a completely burst pipe and was spilling water all over my beautiful bathroom tiling!

I immediately hit the internet to discover if anybody else had experienced blocked drains in the Melbourne area. To my surprise, it appears to be an extremely common occurrence, with many other people experiencing the same issues in their kitchen sinks, baths and toilets. Even outside water features leak sometimes, too! After receiving some sage advice from strangers online, I ended up flicking back through my CCTV footage to discover the source of the leak. To my surprise, it was caused by my dog’s fur, which had clogged up the drain while I was showering her. I didn’t notice at first because it’s often hard to detect blockages. 

Once I gave my dog some treats to console her (she told me she felt quite guilty for causing such a fuss), and cut my dog’s fur to ensure this wouldn’t happen again, I began searching far and wide for a local plumber who specialises in drain camera inspections. Around Melbourne, with all the strange weather, drains can get clogged pretty easily, so I had many options to choose from. 

As a homeowner, I felt slightly apprehensive about bringing a stranger into my house. However, the plumber was friendly and efficient. Most of all, he adhered to safety protocols and guided me through the process, which ended up being quite simple for a professional. My shower drain is now completely unblocked.