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Jerry was a jester who came from a long line of court jokers. His parents had raised him in the palace, and as a result, he knew exactly how essential each member of the royal staff was – like a machine that wouldn’t work without each well-oiled cog perfectly in place. So when the royal chauffeur came sprinting up to him on the morning of the king’s trip to Melbourne, Jerry was in shock. The chauffeur fell to his knees before Jerry, explaining that the car meant to transport the king through the suburbs was not starting. Jerry sprang into action.

With the help of some eager and efficient horses, Jerry towed the car to an auto electrician based in Moorabbin. He needed service as soon as possible in order to please the king. Luckily, the mechanics were knowledgeable and experts in their field. They got to work on the car and appeared chuffed when told their service would assist the king. Jerry was a helpful accessory to their work, cracking jokes and keeping them upbeat the whole time.  

It seemed that barely any time had passed at all when the electricians took Jerry aside and gave him the news: The car’s battery was flat, and in order for the king to enjoy a pleasant ride, they also recommended a tyre repair. Moorabbin roads were notoriously coarse and towing the car had destroyed the tread on the wheels. With the funding of the royal family at his fingertips, Jerry approved this work. It was completed in a jiffy and ended up being largely inexpensive. Jerry tipped the workers with tickets to the luxury ball that evening, and then carefully drove the car back to the palace.

Upon his return, the king was so grateful that he promoted the jester to the role of his personal assistant. He also knighted him and promised his future children a large inheritance sum. Jerry vowed to never retire.