You Can What

‘So you’re telling me–’ ‘I am.’ ‘Let me finish.’ ‘Go ahead.’ ‘You’re telling me that you can lift that ute.’ ‘I absolutely can.’ ‘That ute right over there?’ ‘Yep, should be doable.’ ‘With your bare hands?’ ‘Wouldn’t have it any other way.’ ‘You think that’s a thing that’s, like… physically possible.’ ‘Aluminium is light, man.’ …

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The Furry Felon

With all the talk of sewerage testing in the news recently, I started thinking about the plumbing in my own house. Perhaps the universe was listening to my thoughts! Last week, after my dog rolled around in the mud at the park, I brought her inside and gave her a warm, refreshing shower to make …

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Ute Toolbox Gift

The fall out from my brother lying about his new job has been big. My parents keep arguing about whether they should kick him out. Dad is furious with him, for good reason. However mum keeps coming to his defence. She told dad that if he kicked my brother out then she would leave too. …

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