Breezy Beach Mechanic

Summer is my favourite season. Ever since I was a child, I’ve loved taking day trips to the beach with my family and getting ice cream in our car on the way back. There’s something about that memory of the wind on my face and sand in my hair that just can’t be beaten. So, when my kids started getting old enough, taking them to the beach became our own little summertime tradition.

This morning we all woke up early to make sure we arrived at the beach before it got too hot. As we were driving along the coast, my wife pointed out the cliff formations to our kids. I tried to turn my air conditioning on, but nothing happened. I even got my wife to try before we called a qualified auto mechanic, but although the dial was all the way up, not a single particle of cool air was coming out of the machine. By the time we stopped at the beach, our kids were dripping with sweat. Even opening the windows hadn’t been enough to keep the heat out. We were hundreds of kilometres away from home and knew nothing about which mechanics were the best ones in this local area.

My wife told me to stop worrying and suggested I take the kids to get ice cream. While I ordered four chocolate ice creams, my wife got in contact with a man who was supposedly the best car air conditioning regas services Adelaide had to offer. She took the kids down to play in the water while I waited in the shade of a palm tree for the mechanic to arrive. It was going to be a long day. There was no way we would be able to survive the three-hour drive home without air conditioning.

Thankfully, the mechanic was more than qualified and did a fantastic job repairing our car AC ready for the drive home.