A Neighbourly Request

‘Sorry, but we really don’t need any more cookies,’ I started, reluctantly opening the door. ‘Oh.’ A smiling man stood in front of me, decidedly not the young girl in a beret I’d been expecting. ‘Sorry, we’re being hounded by a particularly pushy… salesperson,’ I frowned. ‘How can I help you?’ ‘My name is Reginald,’ …

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Power to Destroy

“This is it,” Rylee said. “The battery control room. The one with the button that will send this whole facility up in flames. We’ll use the solar power to destroy the solar power. Over to you, sis.” Maphira stood before the door to what was, supposedly, the most important room in the whole facility. As …

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The Solar Factory

They arrived on the edge of Commercial Solar Systems the next morning, overlooking the magnificent solar farm from the top of the hill they’d hidden their car behind. Maphira took a long sip of her soft drink to finish it, crushed the can and tossed it down the hill, promising that she would put it …

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