The Salted Air

‘The docks?’ I called out to Loque as the salty tang of the ocean water assaulted me through the fog. ‘Must you insist on asking questions you already know the answer to, Radcliffe?’ the blurry shape in front of me admonished. I sighed and picked up my pace so that I might be at his …

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Fixing My Heater

When my mother became a politician, my entire family moved to Canberra with her. This was only fair – after all, she had given up a decade of her life to raise us well – it was her time to shine, and our time to support her. She was a stoic woman, and Dad suggested …

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Our new place

The last few years have been daunting, exciting and intimidating. Just four weeks ago my husband and I finally got the keys to our new home. This time when I say new home, I genuinely mean our new home. It’s not a place that we’re renting, it’s a place that we plan to make our …

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