My Friend’s Tattoo

In high school, my friends were basically poster girls for good students. They were polite, intelligent, and never stepped a toe out of line when it came to following school rules. I thought I had chosen well. I am a very responsible person, so I like having friends who are similarly responsible. However, it seems like once we got out of high school, they stopped caring about following rules. I don’t know what to think. At a party the other night, one of them suggested they give another a stick and poke tattoo with a little sewing needle they had brought.

I immediately cautioned them against the idea and asked that they instead visit one of the many reputable tattooist shops Brisbane has. However, they were determined to complete the stick and poke, and now one of my best friends has an arm filled with an ink design that she already regrets. It’s a lopsided smiley face with a flower around it. Not exactly the epitome of design. And not particularly inspiring, either. My friend has been trying to hide it all week by wearing long-sleeve shirts. She knows that even though she is an adult now, if her parents catch her with a shoddy tattoo, she will be in a lot of trouble.

This morning I suggested that we visit an actual tattoo shop to get her a cover up tattoo. These sorts of things can be very affordable, and since my friend’s stick and poke is not very large or thick, I don’t imagine it will be too difficult for an experienced tattoo artist to find a design that will work to cover it up. My friend agrees that this is probably a good idea. I just wish they had listened to me when I told them not to do it at the party. I really don’t know why they have changed so much, but I hope this experience teaches them a lesson. Tattoos look great when they are done by a professional.