Need My Car

I’m seriously so mad right now. I play in two basketball teams, right, and because of the unfortunate situation over the last two years that everyone in the world knows about, I haven’t been able to play. I just got an email from the basketball stadium/association that we play at and they’re trying to get us to pay our fees despite owing us money. Now, I’m all about paying what I owe but they OWE US money. How can they think it’s okay to ask for more money from us and only give us a week to pay when they’ve been holding on to our money this whole time? I am absolutely ropable. 

I wish I could just get in my car right now and drive to the stadium and give them a piece of my mind. I want our money back with interest. I can’t get to the stadium though because my car is at the local mechanics. Toowoomba roads aren’t exactly the easiest to drive on and because of that, I have to get some sort of service or repair every six months. It’s quite an inconvenience but it’s necessary.

But anyway, this post isn’t even about my car or how I am currently getting a suspension service. Local to Toowoomba the basketball stadium is one of the most popular places to be and yet, they’re trying to steal the money of unknowing players and families. Once I get my car back from the mechanic I am going to make sure that every single person in the Toowoomba area knows about the misdeeds of the stadium. Seriously, how dare they take advantage of people in our community?

My basketball teams are lucky that I’m switched on and that they have me to fight this battle. A lot of other team managers would just pay the fee and not think about it. God, I am so so angry.