The Tattoo Exhibition

I have always been fascinated by art. I’m not very talented myself, but watching other people create art is a real treat. I enjoy every kind of art, from basic types such as paintings, drawings and sculptures, all the way up to interpretive dances and trimming the trees in your front garden. There is so much depth to art nowadays and I really enjoy getting to discover it. One of the things I especially like to do is visit tattoo exhibitions, which is where all these different studios come together to showcase their work, and the winning tattoo shop local to Brisbane gets a special prize. The whole thing is judged by expert tattooists and members of the public alike so that there is no bias towards one particular style or tattooist. A lot of the people who attend are covered in tattoos, and it seems like I am the only person who isn’t. However, I am more than happy to simply sit back and admire all the designs that are getting passed around the venue in little booklets. Some people are even offering free tattoos, as long as the artist gets to decide what the design is going to be. I would be way too nervous to do that. I imagine I would get stuck with some sort of strange design on my arm forever. I even walked past this traditional tattooist who was tattooing an elaborate design of a compass and a boat on this woman’s leg. She was blindfolded so that she couldn’t see it until it was finished. It was black and white with strong lines, but it also had small amounts of blue and green featuring all over it to add a bit of interest. The winner of the best tattoo competition is being announced later today, so I’m going to stay at the venue until this afternoon to ensure I don’t miss the prize announcement. There currently isn’t much between first and second place!